Personal Training

So you’re in a rut, can’t seem to lose those extra pounds, need someone to give you a kick start to a healthy eating regime and exercising?

Our certified Fitness Professionals can, quite literally, help change your life and how you view yourself. Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone your physique, train for sports competition or recover from injury, our trainers will provide the plan, coaching and motivation to get you there.

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Want Real Results Fast? Start Here!

The fact that you’re looking for a Personal Trainer means you’re serious about shaping up and improving your lifestyle. Often times, all it takes is focused, motivational coaching from an expert to get you off on the right foot.

Starting with your initial consultation, we review your medical and exercise history, clarify your goals, test your strength, endurance and flexibility. From there, you have options - whether you health and fitness goals and motivating you to make fitness and health a lifestyle.

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  • 1-on-1 Training for 60min
  • 1 Session @ $70
  • 10 Sessions Package $600
  • 20 Sessions Package $1,100
  • 30 Sessions Package $1,500
  • 2 Client - 1 Trainer for 60min
  • 5 Session Package $425
  • 10 Session Package $800
  • 20 Session Package $1,300
  • 1 Client - 1 Trainer for 30min
  • 5 Session package $200

Get Started Now! Let us show you the way towards a healthier, happier and more energized you!

To set up a FREE 1 HOUR CONSULTATION please email us at [email protected]